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ProfHacker readers are unusually bright and well-organized people, obviously, so this probably only happens to me: You’re *certain* you saved a file, or at least saw it . . . but where? Did you save it to a local folder? Dropbox? Evernote? Maybe it was an attachment to a message in Gmail? Oh, wait–it was a Google Doc! Right?

As with Joey Tribbiani trying to open milk, there’s gotta be a better way!

Found is a free app for Macs that searches both local and cloud services to find your files. In addition to searching key folders on your local drive, it will also search Dropbox, Evernote, SkyDrive, Gmail, and Google Drive/Google Docs. There’s a video demo here.)

Found is preposterously fast, returning search results as you type. It lives in the menu bar, but the best way to invoke it is by double-tapping (cf. Zombieland) the CTRL key. The Found window appears on the left of your screen, with a search field and a list of services being searched:

Found Screenshot--Closeup

Screenshot courtesy of Found.

From Found’s results, you can double-click to open a file; drag-and-drop to another application (attach it an e-mail; use it in a Keynote); or right-click (or select the file, then hit command-return) to reveal it in the Finder. Found is fast enough that, even when you know where a file is, it’s probably quicker to double-tap the control key and search for it.

Currently, Found only supports file-name searches–which is a good argument for using meaningful filenames–although content-based searches, including within e-mail, are apparently in the works for future versions.

One oddity about setup is that, when you first run it, it invites you to add local folders, and then Dropbox/Skydrive folders, but not Gmail, Google Drive, or Evernote. To add those services, invoke Found, click the cloud button at the bottom of the search window, and proceed.

It is worth mentioning that Found stores all login information locally, and does not transmit it to their servers. Likewise, your searches are not sent back to Found, either.

Found is free on the Mac store, and is probably the most convenient app I’ve downloaded this fall. (Brian Croxall is a big fan, too!) Definitely worth a download.

Photo “Above the Clouds” by Flickr user Creative Commons licensed BY-SA-2.0

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