Free, User-Friendly File Conversion

ZamzarMy inbox regularly contains email featuring two file formats that I can’t open: *.wps files from students who use Microsoft Works, and *.pub files (created with Microsoft Publisher) from various people announcing events. Most other files I can open and read, fortunately. You probably have your own list of files that are useless to you without the appropriate software. What to do?

One solution is to use Zamzar to convert the file to a different format that you can open. This is a free, online service that takes a wide variety of file formats and converts them into an equally wide variety of other file formats. Got a *.wps file? No problem. Just upload it to Zamzar and convert it to a *.doc or *.rtf file instead.

I use it primarily for word processing tasks, but the service also works with various image, audio, video, and e-book formats.

How about you? How do you use Zamzar? Alternately, when you get a file that you’re unable to open, how do you convert it to a different format? Let’s hear from you in the comments!

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