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6339158692_f7f4ccd08f_mDuring the first months of ProfHacker, in 2009, Julie wrote a post introducing us all to Using Super Smartphones for Productivity.

Given how fast technology changes, and how nearly ubiquitous smartphones are today, that post has already acquired a kind of antique charm.

Over the subsequent years we’ve written quite a bit about using your phone productively, as you’ll see in this Archive collection.

Our Favorite Apps for your Phone

Phones in the Classroom

Phone Alternatives

Keeping it On

Turning it Off

Taking it to the Next Level

  • Anastasia discusses Building with MIT’s Google App Inventor a tool for prototyping Android apps built upon the Google App Inventor beta, which Amy wrote about in 2010. Anastasia notes that Perhaps most importantly for the classroom, the engagement with the concepts of programming in an easy to rearrange interface looks like it will have great potential for courses that want to engage with digital development skills without getting deep into the syntax and logic of coding.
  • Anastasia also wrote about Learning Mobile Design with TouchDevelop, a development tool for Windows phones that she learned about at the Microsoft Research Faculty Summit.

[Creative Commons licensed image by flickr user sometoast]

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