From the Archives: On Evaluations

scantron An essential component of most university courses is the evaluation of both students (often in the form of oral or written feedback and/or grades) and of instructors (in midterm or final course evaluations).

Midterm Evaluations
George’s reflective questions for a mid-semester self-evaluation are still important (perhaps even more important) as we head into November.

If you’re on a quarter system rather than a semester system, then you might still be at a midway point in your course. Billie’s post about having students evaluate your course at mid-term includes links to some useful resources. We also had some reader discussions earlier this fall about giving mid-semester course evaluations.

Giving Final Course Evaluations
If you’re on a semester calendar, then pretty soon the envelopes of course evaluation forms will be delivered. Here are some great posts from the archives that can help you make the most of the evaluation experience:

Benefiting from Final Course Evaluations

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