From the Archives: Things ProfHackers Like

Here at ProfHacker, we like a lot of things. We like learning about new ways of doing things, trying out new software and hardware, and sharing our favorite lifehacks. We’re also, apparently, fans of lists, as this roundup demonstrates:

5 IPad Applications I Can’t Live Without (Ethan)

5 Web Design and Development Applications I Simply Can’t Live Without (Ethan)

5 Android Apps I Can’t Live Without (and Why) (Mark)

5 Lecturecasting Tools that I Can’t Live Without and Why (Ethan)

Five WordPress Plugins That I Simply Can’t Live Without (and Why) (Ethan)

Five More Essential WordPress Plugins (George)

Five Things That Helped Me Survive the Job Market (Erin)

Five Things To Do With Evaluations Before the Summer Really Starts (Jason)

4 Things To Love About Coffee (George)

Five Wardrobe Essentials for the Female Academic in the Humanities (Erin)

Five Wardrobe Items I Can’t Live Without (and Why) (Brian)

. . . and, finally, last summer’s group post: Five Things That Helped Us Survive Summer (look for this year’s installment next month!)

What other lists of favorite ProfHacker things would you like to see? Let us know in the comments!

[Creative Commons licensed image by flickr user woodleywonderworks]

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