GitHub for Mac

GitHub for Mac logoVersion control is a powerful way to keep track of changes to your code or documents. Julie’s “Gentle Introduction to Version Control” from last year will introduce you to the basics. Most version control software, like Git or svn, has to be used from the command line. We’re not afraid of the command line at ProfHacker (see our ongoing guide), but if you’re just learning version control or if you’re using version control only occasionally, it can help to have a visual tool.

GitHub has released a free application for Mac that works with the Git repositories on your computer and on GitHub. The strength of Github for Mac is that you can use it to perform all basic Git tasks visually. For example, you can make commits, see changes from one version to another, and push changes to the online GitHub version of your repository.

Besides the basics of Git, GitHub for Mac has a few nice features baked in. It knows all your repositories on GitHub, so it’s easy to clone them locally. And the application will also use some of the eye candy of GitHub, such as avatars for different people who have committed changes.

Screen shot of GitHub for Mac

If you want to try out version control, GitHub for Mac might help you get a grasp of the concepts.

Have you used GitHub for Mac or other version control applications?

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