Goodbye to Google Wave


In August 2010, Google announced it would be shutting down Google Wave, the real-time collaborative environment that was supposed to solve the problems that plague email as a platform for getting things done.

Google Wave never gained traction, however. Whether its interface didn’t hit the sweet spot of innovation and usability, or people are simply too wedded to existing forms of electronic communication, it’s difficult to say. Happily, some of Wave’s best features have been integrated into Google Documents (such as live collaborative editing of shared documents).

Ever since January 31, 2012, Google Wave has been read-only. And finally, at the end of April, Google Wave will be closing entirely. If you still believe in the ideas behind Google Wave, you might be interested in two open source projects that build on Wave: Apache Wave and Walkaround (which has a feature that imports existing Google Waves—though you have to grab them before they disappear on April 30!).

Were you a fan of Google Wave? Do you even remember Google Wave? Let us know in the comments. But first, let us watch a short video in remembrance of Wave:

Coast Guard Lifeboat photo courtesy of Flickr user Mike Baird / Creative Commons Licensed

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