HelloSign: Sign Documents Directly From Gmail

One of the most frustrating things about sending documents by email is processing signatures. For many of us, this often means printing out documents, signing them and then scanning them–a painfully slow process. Some of us may use applications such as GoodReader and iAnnotate to sign documents directly from mobile devices, but they can often be overkill for a simple signature.

I’ve been really impressed so far by a new app called HelloSign, which allows you to sign documents directly from your Gmail account.

It’s a no-nonsense application. You sign a form using your finger on a mobile device. If you’re on your desktop, you upload a signature image to your account, and when you use the image, the app automatically renders the background invisible, rendering a perfect signature.

A screenshot from the HelloSign app.

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The app comes with a few buttons: one to add your signature, another to add a checkbox, another for the date, and finally a textbox option. Once you’ve linked the app to your Gmail account using a Chrome extension, the option to “sign” will automatically display next to any PDF attachment. Clicking the option loads the document in the HelloSign app for you to sign and send off.

HelloSign works equally well on your mobile (iOS) device as well as your desktop Gmail account. Since I use Gmail as the backbone of my workflow, I’ve found this integration to be really helpful. But HelloSign also works well if you don’t want to use it with Gmail– users can upload PDFs directly into the web-based app, and sign and send from there.

The HelloSign website claims to use bank-level security encryption, and to enable you to send and receive enforceable eSignatures under several eSignature laws. Most of my transactions do not require that level of security, but this may be important for other users. For the most part, I’m very satisfied with the application, and am happy to have discovered it. A note of caution for mobile users however–HelloSign is only available on iOS devices.

What applications have you used to sign forms on the go? Please share in the comments.

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