How to Upload Captions to Your YouTube Video

In previous posts, I’ve written about how to make videos accessible with Universal Subtitles or with CaptionTube. And having decided that Universal Subtitles provides the better interface for creating captions, I also published a screencast explaining how to use the service. There’s one small hitch, though: if your video is hosted on YouTube, where many potential viewers will be able to find it, but your captions are hosted at Universal Subtitles, then your YouTube viewers won’t be able to take advantage of the captions you’ve created. What to do? Fortunately, it’s easy enough to download the captions you’ve created and upload them to your YouTube video. Let me show you.

This tutorial assumes you’ve already created captions using Universal Subtitles (remember the screencast?). The steps below show you how to download them from Universal Subtitles and then upload them to the YouTube video for which the subtitles were created.

Step 1: From page, select the captions you want to download

Step 2: Select "Download Subtitles"

Step 3: Choose the "SRT" format and download to your hard drive

Step 4: On the YouTube video page, select "Edit captions/subtitles"

Step 5: Select "Add New Captions or Transcript"

Step 6: Select "Choose File"

Step 7: Select the file from your hard drive and click "Choose"

Step 8: Select "Upload file"

Done! You now have an "Available Caption Track" embedded in your YouTube video.

And if you’d like to see these particular captions in action, you can go watch the YouTube video.

Have some experience creating and embedding captions? What tools and methods do you use? Let us hear from you in the comments!

[Creative Commons-licensed flickr photo by ghwpix]

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