Introducing Sympoze

Last October, Jason asked what readers were doing for Open Access Week. That post received several comments that indicated people were, in fact, doing quite a lot.

One interesting (and ambitious!) Open Access project that’s come to my attention is Sympoze, from the folks at Academy Geeks. Sympoze’s goal is to improve the peer review process through crowd-sourcing (by qualified referees), then make accepted papers freely available in its library (see their “How it Works” and “FAQS” pages for more details.

Sympoze is still in its beginning stages, and currently has only two projects in the works: a general philosophy journal, and a philosophy textbook. The hope, though, is that they will eventually have sufficient numbers of referees to start projects in other disciplines as well.

If you think such a project is beneficial to academia, and you’d like to see a project in your discipline, you might consider filling out their volunteer form (visible on every page of the site).

Have you had any experience with such projects? What do you see as the potential benefits and drawbacks of open-access publications with crowd-sourced peer review? Let us know in the comments.

[Creative Commons licensed Flickr photo by ian-w-scott]

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