Keeping Your Offsite Twitter Archive Fresh: A Fix

A year ago I wrote about Martin Hawksey‘s awesome hack that keeps your offsite Twitter archive fresh. This tool takes your Twitter archive (a complete set of your tweets, which you can request from your Twitter settings) and then daily adds your latest tweets using a Google Apps script. The archive resides in Google Drive as a regular web page. For example, here’s my archive.

Unfortunately, sometime in December 2013, Google changed something with its scripting language, and this broke many instances of Martin’s hack.

The good news is that Martin has posted a fix to his Twitter archiving script. You need to get under the hood of Google apps to implement the solution, but it’s not difficult. If you were able to set up a Twitter/Google Drive sync in the first place, you’ll be able to make the fix. It took me less than thirty seconds. You simply replace the existing script with the replacement Martin posted on Github. (Tip: click the <> on Github to see the “raw code,” which is easier to cut and paste.)

Run into trouble? Let us know in the comments and we’ll try to help!

[Wilson Farms photo courtesy of Flickr user Liz West / Creative Commons Licensed]

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