Making your WordPress blog Zotero enabled

One of Prof. Hacker’s favorite tools is Zotero, the Firefox plugin that allows you to build a bibliography within your browser and to share that bibliography with others. Zotero extracts bibliographic information from thousands of websites, making the creation of a bibliography much more of a one-click solution rather than an encounter with hundreds of 3×5 cards, several of which are sure to go missing and one of which is sure to provide a papercut.

But what if you would like to make your website compatible with Zotero? If your website is built on (as this one is), the process is really very simple. Just download the ScholarPress Coins plugin (created by Zotero’s developers) and add it to your plugin directory. Once you’ve activated the plugin from the dashboard, your posts will have the data that they need to be incorporated into anyone’s Zotero library.

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