Managing Opportunity Overload?

Beware: ScannersWhether you’ve seen the first leaves on the ground or not, fall is officially underway and there’s lots to be excited about. But for many of us, the semester is still new enough that opportunities (and burdens) await around every corner. Committees are forming, reading groups are scheduling their first meetings, and conference announcements arrive daily.

An academic new year can be full of possibilities, but it can also be overwhelming. Natalie Houston reminds us to figure out our priorities and keep time-management in mind as the semester begins. To keep from overloading my year before it begins, I’ve been trying to commit to only one “big thing” a month: major travel or several talks a few weekends in a row might sound great now, but I know I’ll be regretting it when the time comes *and* grades are due.

 What about you? How are you managing your priorities and choosing opportunities to pursue this fall? 

[Creative Commons CC BY 2.0 photo by Flickr user Sean Mason]

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