Mozilla’s Jetpack for Learning Design Winners

ProfHacker has been tracking the Mozilla Jetpack for Learning Design Challenge since its announcement. (See previous entries: the call for participants; the announcement of Rubrick; plus two subsequent updates [one, two].] 

This weekend, at Mozilla’s SXSW party, the winners were announced:

Three projects of the Jetpack for Learning Design Challenge were awarded special prizes at the Mozilla SXSW party today. Ten projects already selected as Design Challenge winners participated in a design camp in Austin, TX over the past three days. Today three of these projects were chosen for special awards: ClozeFox was selected as “best use case”; the project leader of Mupple received the prize for “sharing knowledge with others”; Expression Widgets was chosen as the “best web hack”. You can find more information about them and download all Jetpacks-based add-ons from the Design Challenge wiki.

The article also discusses the other 7 finalists.  And although Rubrick wasn’t a winner, we were still delighted to be a finalist! Patrick was especially delighted, I imagine, since he got to go to Austin on the Mozilla Foundation’s dime . . .

Congrats to all, and kudos to Mozilla for trying to bring browser extensibility into the classroom!

[Image by Flickr user martinjetpack / Creative Commons licensed]

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