New Features on the DiRT Directory


DiRT (formerly known as Bamboo DiRT) is a repository of digital tools, organized, and curated by users. The idea behind its creation — as explained in this 2013 post by Seth Denbo — was to try and eliminate the re-creation of digital teaching and research tools that already existed. It has always been my go-to resource for finding tools, as well as sending students and faculty there so they can begin to explore and imagine ways that they might integrate digital assignments into their classrooms or digital pieces into their research.

At the end of March, a number of new features and initiatives were announced (you can read them all here on their News Page). The announcements that were most exciting and interesting to me (as a faculty developer) were:

Those are just three of the nine new features and initiatives that DiRT has developed. Which ones are you most excited about?

Photo “Dirt“ by Flickr user [Bellie] Creative Commons licensed CC-BY-2.0


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