November is Academic Writing Month

Last year, November was AcBoWriMo (short for Academic Book Writing Month), a month in which, as Charlotte Frost proposed, “We are going to wear comfy clothes, drink a lot of coffee, probably nap in our offices at strange hours and see how close we can get to writing 50 thousand words in one month.” (Incidentally, it turns out that AcBoWriMo has earned its very own Wikipedia entry!)

Well, Frost has announced that November of 2012 will be AcWriMo (short for Academic Writing Month), which will be similar to AcBoWriMo but with a few changes: “This year’s event will focus on ALL aspects of academic writing, and will encourage participants to set their own (wild) goals.”

Essentially, these are the rules for next month:

  1. Set yourself some crazy goals.
  2. Publicly declare your participation and goals.
  3. Draft a strategy.
  4. Discuss what you’re doing.
  5. Don’t slack off.
  6. Publicly declare your results.

For all of the details, go read Frost’s full blog post at PhD2Published.

How about you? Are you going to take part in AcWriMo? How’s it going so far? Do you have other strategies for increasing your writing productivity? Let us hear from you in the comments.

[Creative Commons-licensed flickr photo by followtheseinstructions]

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