Open Thread: Do you use the campus gym?

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It should come as no surprise to regular ProfHacker readers that we try to fit in some talk about exercise and physical health here along with all of the other topics we cover. Being able to manage stress and maintain some kind of balance in life are both, after all, an important part of academic life. For example…

One of the easiest ways to incorporate regular exercise into your day–provided you work on only one campus, which is not the case for a large percentage of higher ed faculty–is to use the facilities on campus. While I was in graduate school a new fitness center was built on campus, and I started referring to it as a cathedral because it was huge, featured a great deal of glass, and had soaring ceilings in places.

The advantages of using the campus gym include convenience and (usually) price. Disadvantages could include feeling like you’re still at work as well as the possibility of running into students changing in the locker room.

Do you use the campus gym? Why or why not? What do you find the advantages and disadvantages to be? Let’s hear from you in the comments!

[Creative Commons-licensed flickr photo by Taras Kalapun]

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