Open Thread: Dealing With Inclement Weather

As the Weather Channel reports, a winter storm is currently blanketing much of the East Coast of the United States with snow. Such weather conditions not only make it difficult for students, staff, and faculty to drive on the perhaps poorly-cleared streets and highways; they can also make it dangerous to walk on potentially icy campus sidewalks and stairways. Deciding whether to close campus — or to delay opening, or to close early — involves more than just an assessment of the safety of the roads in the area. And any such decision has the potential to throw off the semester schedule for a carefully-planned course, especially those that might meet only once a week. In this week’s open thread, we’d like to hear your own individual strategies for responding to such a weather situation:

  • What do you do when your campus is closed for inclement weather?
  • If you think many of your students will be unable to make it campus, do you ever cancel a face-to-face class meeting due to something like heavy snow, even if your campus has not closed?
  • What alternative activities do you plan to compensate for a canceled class meeting?
  • Do you use online pedagogical resources and tools as part of your response?
  • In what other ways does bad weather affect your work, and what are your methods for handling those effects?

Please share in this week’s open thread.

[CC-licensed Flickr photo by Dan Farrelly]

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