Open Thread: Tips For Maintaining Your CV?

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Recently, Caleb McDaniel asked, “Has @profhacker done a post about keeping CVs/tenure files up to date yet easy to revise for different purposes?”

Well, no, we haven’t. We do have an upcoming posts in the works that will cover several different aspects of the CV, but we’ve never written about strategies for keeping the document flexible and easy-to-update. Sometimes you’re asked to submit a 1-page CV to go along with this or that report, and sometimes you need to send your full CV. Certain situations call for a document that emphasizes your teaching, and others require a research-oriented version. It would certainly be useful to be able to generate these different versions relatively easily. Additionally, given how busy most academics are, it can be a challenge to keep track of all of the little CV-worthy activities we accomplish during the year.

We’re going to throw this particular question to our readers for this week’s open thread: “What strategies do you have for keeping your CVs/tenure files up to date yet easy to revise for different purposes?” Let us hear from you in the comments!

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