Open Thread Wednesday: Balancing Holiday Workload

Snowman Rising

I’m always surprised by the arrival of Thanksgiving break, and with it the reminder that the days of fall are truly numbered. Whether you’re buried under snow, visiting relatives, or grading this coming weekend, the turn of seasons often brings with it unexpected work from all directions.

To keep from being completely overwhelmed, I have a few strategies I’m trying to stick to for this Thanksgiving break:

  • Pre-Holiday Grading Marathon: There are few things harder to face than cutting out of festivities for a pile of grading, however exciting the student work might be. I aim to enter any celebration periods with all the grading behind me, even if it means a weekend lost in advance.
  • Internet-free Days: Whether it’s Thanksgiving, football, or a nice day for a good meal, there may be some days of celebration on your calendar. I like to mark off those days as completely internet-free: no email, no Facebook posts, and definitely no Twitter–not to mention no to-do list reminder pop-ups!
  • Exercise Daily: Even on mornings when waking up early is the last thing I want to do, I try to get out of bed and do *something* active during the winter months. If you’re a runner, there are Turkey Trots and similar post-indulgence events everywhere for company.

How do you manage the many demands of the changing of seasons and terms and its corresponding deadlines? Share your strategies in the comments!

[Lead Photo: Snowman Rising by Ed Kennedy (lostinmiami on Flickr) CC BY 2.0]

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