Open Thread Wednesday: Going Back for More Courses

It goes like this...I’ve been accused by friends and family of being addicted to education, and I can’t really argue with them. But given all the attention being paid to MOOCs and other continuing education options, I’m apparently not alone. There are lots of informal opportunities for not-particularly-structured learning in academia: I’m a fan of conference workshops, unconferences, and online discussion groups. Roopika Risam and Adeline Koh are running #DHPOCO Summer School this month, a great model of collaborative online learning.

However, as the end of summer looms all-too-close on the horizon and I remember many years of back-to-school, I’ve been considering going back for more formal skills courses. Some academic positions come with the advantage of tuition remission, which is especially great if offered to spouses, partners and other family members, but can also be used for ourselves. I’m thinking of trying out that opportunity (and finally taking more “formal” art courses) this fall.

Have you gone back to take courses, either through your own university or another system? What was it like shifting back to student gear for a few hours a week? Share your experiences in the comments!

[CC BY 2.0 Photo by Flickr user Robb North]

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