Open Thread Wednesday: Summer Music Recommendations?

THSatArchWe may not have reached the solstice, but by the academic calendar summer has well and truly begun. And summer means music! In this week’s Open Thread Wednesday, we invite recommendations of new-ish (or just new to you) bands/songs/albums that you’re enjoying so far this summer.

A few ground rules to start us off:

iTunes asserts that my most-played recently-acquired stuff is from two records: The SoSoGlos’s Blowout (see “Son of an American” on Letterman), The Joy Formidable’s Wolf’s Law (try “Cholla”). Plus, it almost goes without saying, the Game of Thrones song by The Hold Steady. I also mostly like the new Jason Isbell record.

What about you? What are you listening to in these early summer days? Let us know in comments!

(Next week: summer books!)

Photo “The Hold Steady at Hartford’s Arch Street Tavern” by me. / Creative Commons licensed BY-2.0

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