Open Thread Wednesday: Summer Reading Edition

readingAt least in theory, summer reading is a time-honored tradition. Whether it’s a massive page-turner for beach- or poolside, or an assigned list of earnest nonfiction (or, more recently, exceptionally grim YA fiction) for school-age kids, planning to read in the summer is definitely a thing. Of course, many beachside tomes lead one ineluctably into a nap, and many’s the summer reading list that gets postponed until the week weekend night before school starts.

And, a week or so ago, the New York Times published their Summer Reading issue, which this year left my wife and me pretty cold. And so, in the spirit of last week’s call for summer music recommendations, I thought I’d turn to the generous ProfHacker readership: What are you reading, or looking forward to reading, this summer?

I currently have three things going:

Come to think of it, all three of these books might well be on my 10yo’s list, too–so I need some quality recommendations for grownups! Please share in comments!

Photo by me. / Creative Commons licensed BY-2.0

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