Ordering Food Online with GrubHub and Eat24

Delivery signEvery day, returning home after writing ten pages and inspiring young minds with my teaching, I prepare a lovely three-course meal, often cooking my artisanal hand-rolled pasta made from grandma’s recipe, served with vegetables I pick each evening from my  hand-tended garden.

Wait, that’s not true of me. I’m guessing that sometimes it’s not true of you either.  Some nights there is work yet to do and no time for cooking, so we order takeout.

I’ve use two websites when I’m looking to order takeout or delivery: GrubHub and Eat24. The two services are almost identical. You search by location for the restaurant or cuisine that you want, select your order from the menu, and either pay online or when the food is delivered or picked up. Paying online (including tip) is a nice feature of both, especially if like me you often don’t have cash handy. Neither service charges a fee, though usually there is a delivery charge. Both services have apps for phones. I’ve never had a problem ordering from either site, though sometimes restaurants don’t do a very good job of including all the items on their menu. The biggest difference between the sites is which restaurants use which service, so if you’re looking for a particular place you can check both.

While following some of ProfHacker’s other advice is probably better for you in the long term, GrubHub or Eat24 are not a bad solution when your short-term needs seem most pressing.

What about you? What do you do when you get hungry?

Image Creative Commons licensed by Flickr user Ecstatic Mark

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