ProfHacker Fav Postbox Price Drops to $9.95

Last month Amy wrote about managing email with Postbox, a Mozilla Thunderbird-based email client for Windows and OS X. A few weeks later Mark wrote about Postbox extensions that can improve the client further. I’m also a devoted Postbox user; I even included it in my gift guide last holiday. I can’t add much to Amy’s and Mark’s excellent post delineating its best features, save one thing: I work in both Windows and OS X on a fairly regular basis—especially since I started using ArcGIS in my research—and I appreciate having a consistent email experience when I switch between operating systems.

If you hesitated to buy Postbox because of its $29.95 price tag—or even its sale $19.95 price tag—then you might be excited by Postbox’s recent price drop to $9.95. They announced the price drop in a blog post responding to Mozilla’s recent announcement that they will halt development of Thunderbird, the open-source email client on which Postbox is based. While that may be bad news, I’m glad that Postbox has taken this opportunity to make their client, which to my mind vastly improves on its Thunderbird foundations, more easily available to users.

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