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Book Shelf OverflowAs news nerds everywhere will remember, a couple of months back Google announced (also see George’s post) that they would be closing down Google Reader, which many people used as their RSS reader, and many more used as the backend for their dedicated feed readers. Reader will go away on the first of July.

A July 1 deadline makes it an “after-the-semester” problem, and so I put away thoughts of RSS replacements until after the academic term. But it turns out that the first is only two weeks away–and I do need an RSS replacement! I know that the done thing is to discover news and such via Twitter, but I also use RSS (still!) to keep up with more-infrequently updated sites, often without any sort of social media presence.

Simplifying matters for me is that I use a RSS app called Reeder, which works across the Apple ecosystem. So, the thing that governs my decisions is basically going to be “what API will Reeder support”? Currently it looks as if Reeder is going to support at least two services, Feedly and Feed Wrangler. I’m leaning a bit toward the latter, but am trying to temporize a little until Reeder makes a formal announcement. (And, by the way Reeder is free on the Mac and iPad right now, until the sync solution is resolved!) Another option is to install Fever, a self-hosted RSS aggregator, and which Reeder supports.

At any rate, the point of this post is less to record my own decision-making process, and instead to point to Hrishi Mittal’s near-canonical list of Reader replacement alternatives (via Robert Agcaoili), which, in addition to enumerating the alternatives, also provides cost (if any), platform constraints (if applicable), and any known special sauce. It’s a very handy way to identify possible solutions to your RSS needs, if you still have them. Check it out!

Have you settled on a Reader replacement yet? Please share in comments! (No, for real! Only two weeks to go!)

Photo “Book Shelf Overflow” by Flickr user Andrew Comings / Creative Commons licensed BY-2.0

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