Schedule E-mail on the Go with Boomerang

let's all sit under the big boomerang
Back in 2010, Amy reported on using Boomerang to schedule email within Gmail or Outlook for a later send date. I personally use this email add-on daily, finding it useful to queue up emails to arrive to their recipient at a reasonable time. For example, I often process email on Sunday evenings (a time that works well for me), but in case my colleagues check their email that same evening I don’t want them to feel that I’m pressuring them to respond immediately. So I use Boomerang to send the email at the beginning of usual workday hours, such as 8:30am on Monday.

The original form of Boomerang works as an add-on via Firefox and Chrome, but sometimes you need to schedule email while using a device. For that, you have two options: use the web-based, mobile-friendly interface, or — as of more recently — use the dedicated Android app. I recently tried out the Android app, and it works well (although I’d like the option to change the email signature which currently reads “Typed with thumbs and sent with love from Boomerang.”) Still, it’s a great advance for a tool that I use so frequently.

Have you tried other email scheduling tools for your mobile devices? How well do they work for you? Let us know in the comments.

[Image Creative Commons licensed / Flickr user blehk]

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