Scheduling Email on the Go

BoomerangLongtime readers of this blog may recall that we’ve written about the Boomerang service for GMail before.

Essentially, Boomerang is a browser plugin that allows you to compose an email right now but schedule it to automatically be sent later, at a date and time of your choosing. In certain situations, this can be a very convenient feature to have (and it’s one that’s missing from the native Gmail tools).

After updating the main service in June, the folks at Baydin released a mobile version in mid-August.

It’s very easy to use. Just enter into your mobile browser, and you’ll be redirected to the site below.

Enter your email address, and you’re set. You’ll be taken first to the main menu, where you can view the items in your inbox and decide whether to have them returned to you at a later time, draft messages to send later, or review your scheduled messages:

Main menu

Preferences lets you decide what to do with messages that have been returned to your inbox:

Message menu

Boomerang Mobile works very well, and should be very convenient for heavy users of the Boomerang service who are also on the go a lot. Since it works through a mobile browser rather than a dedicated application, it will work with a wide variety of mobile phones. The one major drawback is the price; the mobile service is available only for the Professional plan, which runs $14.99 per month.

What about you? Have you tried Boomerang Mobile, or a similar service? Let’s hear about your impressions in the comments.

[Lead image Creative Commons licensed Flickr photo by rob-young. All other images CC licensed images by the author.]

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