Simplifying Tenure

Ah…tenure. The hope. The dream. The grail. And Stephan Pastis understands why:

Pearls Before Swine

Something to look forward to.

So I was intrigued last week to read an article in The Chronicle of Higher Education about the move toward digital tenure files at Kent State University, Virginia Tech, and others. It’s a fine article about a practice that has been too slow in coming. Most of the discussion is with administrators, however, and I wish they’d had some commentary from professors going through the process at the moment, such as Cheryl E. Ball at Illinois State University, who not only has her digital tenure file posted for all to see (most of it anyway), but also has a video explaining why she is using this format.

How is your institution dealing with the physical products of tenure these days? How else can one simplify a process that is perhaps the most important (and time consuming) of one’s academic career?

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