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I’ve been talking a lot about Twitter lately here on ProfHacker, but it’s still one of my favorite places to be online. However, sometimes, I don’t want to see certain things in my timeline. Certainly you can use the Mute function on Twitter, but why use a subtle, flexible, and complex tool when you can use a blunt instrument?

Enter Supermute:

Supermute is a blunt tool. You can define any phrase you’d like to mute for up to 7 days. During that time period, if anyone in your timeline (including people RTed into your timeline) says that phrase, that account gets muted until the time period is over. Like, their whole account. Capitalization doesn’t matter. It’ll even pick up partial phrases, so if you mute “horse” you’ll also mute people who say “seahorse”, or post a link to “”, and so on. This is userful for muting big conferences/events, avoiding TV spoilers, or just taking a break from certain politicians or topics for an evening.

Developed by Feel Train, the tool can mute for one, six, or twelve hours, up to a week. It automatically unmutes it for you after the set time. It’s really simple to use, and I like that it turns off automatically. I also like (occasionally) being able to just shut a part of my Twitter timeline out of my view.

How do you mute or curate your Twitter timeline?

Image start or stop by Erin Resso licensed CC-BY 2.0

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