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Wish List for a Powerful Collaborative Writing Platform

Wish list

In my last posting, I imagined what it might look like to fork the academy, that is, to create a space within the world of academic writing and publishing where we could directly reuse, adapt, and expand each other’s work. I also discussed some of the most significant obstacles that stand in the way, both at the disciplinary level and the kinds of personal concerns I have seen raised from friends and colleagues I have discussed the idea with.

In an earlier posting I looked at some of the reason…


Using Google Docs Forms to Run a Peer-Review Writing Workshop

techie_workshopToday in my literary theory and writing course I found yet another great use for Google Docs, one of our favorite subjects here at ProfHacker. Specifically, I used Google Docs Forms to structure an in-class peer review workshop.

I’ve asked my class to submit all of their writing via Google Docs this semester. Google Docs are easier to comment on and return to students. My students and I also don’t need to worry about which version of a given document is attached to which email, since we share a …


Collaborative Writing Tools

Typing . . . collaboratively!

Jack Dougherty, a professor of educational studies at Trinity College in Hartford, has been working for the past couple of years on some fascinating collaborative writing projects. One is Writing History in the Digital Age, an open-review publication that reflects on the ways new writing technologies might change, or not, the most basic practice of historical research–writing. The other involves magic. That is, MAGIC, the Map and Geographic Information Center at UConn‘s library. Called On The …