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Researching While Administrating

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Although at ProfHacker we tend to write from the point of view of faculty members, it’s also the case that many folks will move into an administrative, or at least quasi-administrative, role for some period in their career. (I’ve seen departments where everyone takes a turn being chair, for example.)

It’s a mistake to think of a shift into administration as necessarily a death knell for one’s research, although obviously the pace or focus of that research might change. (This is a topic of spec…


Six Tips For a Successful First Year as a Writing Program Administrator

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[This is a guest post by Dr. Leigh Graziano, who is an Assistant Professor of English and Writing Program Administrator at the University of Arkansas at Monticello. Her work focuses on writing program administrator, first-year composition pedagogy, and assessment. She teaches first-year writing classes as well as upper-level classes in visual rhetoric, classical rhetoric, and convergence culture. You can find her online at leighgraziano.net.--JBJ]

I love being a WPA, but it’s a little challe…


Open Thread Wednesday: Do You Use Shame in Your Work?

An illustration of a pig with staring eyesRecently, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about shame. Some of this comes from the Freakonomics podcast, which I’ve become enamored of. (If you’re looking for something to listen to, ProfHacker readers have previously chimed in about their favorite podcasts.) An episode from January 2012 discussed the problem of hand-washing among doctors who—contrary to what one might guess—tend to have the worst hand hygiene practices at hospitals. The solution to the problem: shame. Public announcements o…


Three Midsummer Links on University Governance

AAUP Summer Institute workshop

For the next several days, I’ll be in Boston for the AAUP‘s Summer Institute, which is a training workshop about faculty governance, defending academic freedom, organizing, and collective bargaining issues. (For new readers, I am the president of my campus’s union, and the vice-chair of the AAUP’s Collective Bargaining Congress.)

The summer institute is immensely helpful along all sorts of axes, including, crucially, the ability to learn about the challenges and opportunities at other campuse…