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Untethering in the Classroom

Projecting to an Apple TV with mirroring
I hate being tethered to the podium computer in my classroom. Seriously. I have a strong preference for being able to move about the room, but I also frequently need to use the projector, which is connected to — you guessed it — the podium in the front of the room. There’s really no simple way around this.

In my ideal world, I’d be teaching in a classroom equipped with a wireless projector. But since I don’t anticipate having access to such a projector anytime soon, I’ve had to look for other s…


Weekend Reading: In Like a Lion Edition


Happy Friday ProfHackers! And for those of you embarking on your Spring Break (gulp!)–ENJOY! For the rest of you, hang in there!

First things first: if you haven’t already updated your iWhatever, Do. It. Now. And then read this article from the NY Times about the security issues.

It’s Oscar Weekend. The 86th annual Academy Awards will air this weekend–Sunday. The Examiner has published this primer to get you up to speed on the nominees, the presenters, and more. This post on Buzzfeed ranks all …


This Is Not a Book: Thomas Jefferson & Apple’s App Store

Notes on the State of Virginia app[This is a guest post by John O’Brien and Brad Pasanek. John O’Brien is associate professor of English at the University of Virginia, where he teaches eighteenth-century literature. He is the author of Harlequin Britain: English Pantomime and Entertainment, 1690-1760, and is working on a book entitled Literature Incorporated: The Cultural Unconscious of the Business Corporation, 1650-1850. Brad Pasanek is assistant professor of English at UVA. He’s busy revising his first book, a dictionary of…


Tidy Up Your Mac Menu Bar with Bartender

Red restaurant menus sitting by a wine glassEver since Jason covered Skitch as a great tool for quickly annotating screenshots back in 2009 (AKA ye olde ProefHaecker), I’ve been adding additional applications that run in the menu bar of my Macs. The menu bar is the little strip at the top of your screen where your clock, wifi indicator, and other little icons live. Along with features of the Mac operating system, many little pieces of software that run in the background on my computer have an icon in the menu bar. When I need an applicat…


1Keyboard to Rule them All

Cobble stones arranged in such a way that they resemble a keyboardLast fall, I finally got a smartphone. There was a lot to like about suddenly being able to get to my email, contacts, and maps while traveling on the New York subway system. And I could suddenly start making use of all those great ProfHacker tips for using my smartphone.

But there was one thing that I didn’t like as much: the keyboard. Despite being dumb, my previous phone had a full QWERTY keypad with physical buttons, and I had been able to send text messages and tweets faster than anyone rea…


Combine PDFs In 5 Seconds with Mac’s Preview

A leather bound book with "PDF 1.5" written on the spine

Academics tend to work with a lot of PDFs. We read journal articles as PDFs because they come that way from databases. We collect assignments from our students as PDFs because a paperless classroom is a disease-free classroom. We annotate these PDF assignments or the grant applications that we’re working on with colleagues. And no conference travel would complete without scanning receipts into PDF form and submitting them. (Fortunately, you can turn your phone into a scanner.) The prevalence of…


Turn Your iPad into a Universal Shortcut Machine with Actions

Star Wars action figuresIf you’ve been reading my last several posts, you might have figured out that I’m kind of fanatical about keyboard shortcuts. That’s why I recently showed you how to learn your keyboard shortcuts, brainstormed new and simple twists on text expansion, and covered how to create keyboard shortcuts for ANYTHING! It turns out that my love of shortcuts isn’t restricted to the keyboard, however. Launch Center Pro is my most used app on my phone, because it lets me do everything on my iOS device with a …


Launch Center Pro, or Get to Everything on Your iOS Device in One Touch

A model rocket launchingThink, dear ProfHacker readers, with me back to the beginning of this school year: about your plans to do better in your teaching, to do better in your research, and to blog more regularly. It turns out that ProfHacker too has aspirations at times that we don’t meet completely. For instance, you might recall our podcast. After a glorious first episode that aired in 2009 featuring Merlin Mann, we took a three-year hiatus (as all rockers do) until releasing episodes two and three this past Septemb…


Reflections on the Apple Education Event

I had the opportunity to spend this morning with the Chronicle‘s Jeff Young, live-tweeting from the Apple Education announcement event. As you’ve undoubtedly heard by now, today’s announcement included:

  • the release of the iBooks 2 app for iOS, which allows for rich multimedia interactive textbooks;
  • the launch of the Textbooks category in the iBooks store, including an already-available collection of high-school texts priced at $14.99 and under;
  • the release of the iBooks Author application fo…

New Accessibility Features in Mac OS X Lion

LionApple has always made accessibility one of their top priorities when it comes to the Mac, and more recently the iPhone and iPad. As a Mac user would come to expect, when Mac OS X Lion was recently released, there were a few new accessibility features that made the upgrade process even better for users with motor, visual, and hearing impairments.

In Mac OS X Lion, Apple has added over 11 new features that allow individuals with disabilities to use their computers more easily.

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