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New MLA Guidelines on Digital Authorship and IT Support


This week, the Modern Languages Association‘s Committee on Information Technology released updates to two 2000-era guidelines that will interest many ProfHacker readers: one on authoring digital resources, and another on how institutions might support humanities IT work.


Open-Thread Wednesday: Best Practices for Live-Tweeting at Conferences?

Over the last few days, a big debate over the appropriateness of live-tweeting conference panels has taken place over Twitter under the hashtag #Twittergate. Participants shared concerns of bad backchannel behavior, the accuracy of tweets, and whether tweeted research will be able to find a publisher. On the other hand, others raised points about how livetweeting conference panels increased access to research for those unable to travel to these conferences, and that tweets could work to increase…


Security and the Cloud, Again

Imperial Art Appreciation

As George noted a few days ago, recent weeks haven’t been terrific for cloud computing services, as many seemed to learn about security problems or user tracking, or to have outages of various sorts. And then there’s what happened to Sony . . .

This is just a quick follow-up to recommend two security-related links: