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Build Your Own Academic Community with Commons in a Box

Playground slide and laddersBefore I finished grad school, I took a month-long seminar on teaching with technology. Among other things, we talked about how to build an “interactive syllabus” using that Tool of Tools: Dreamweaver. I seem to recall the instructional design team spending  two hours talking about how to format tables correctly in order to assure we got proper alignment. Fast-forward a few years, and I almost never build a web page from scratch. Instead, I use blogs in almost all of my classes: it’s a much simp…


When a “Catastrophe” Turns Out Well

2070718497 84a8379634 mWe’ve all dreaded it: the day something goes horribly wrong with something that’s of ongoing importance for a course we’re teaching.  It happened to me the middle of the semester.

I use a multisite installation of WordPress to run my courses. I try to be very faithful about keeping up with updates as appropriate. It was just that fidelity that caused a problem.

One evening in late March, one of my students emailed to let me know that she couldn’t access the course site—she kept getting an error …


Integrating Tweets Into WordPress Blog Posts

Bird in flight Last week, I wrote about a fast way to integrate tweets into WordPress blog comments. Getting tweets about one of your posts included in the comments of that post can help people see the conversation as it is developing on multiple social networks. But tweets are not just conversation about blog posts; sometimes you might find yourself wanting to quote a tweet when writing a blog post. After all, tweets are just as likely to spur the writing of a blog post as vice versa. As is the case in this …


Integrating Tweets Into WordPress Blog Comments

two men engaged in conversation

It’s true that we at ProfHacker love Twitter. We’ve covered how to start tweeting (and why you might want to), practical advice for teaching with Twitterhandling Twitter spam, and using it for conference backchannels. But if we like our Twitter, we also like our blogging.

In many cases, Twitter has replaced much of the blogging that happened several years ago. This makes sense as Twitter is itself a microblog, complete with RSS feeds. If many a blog previously served as a place to post links …