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(Student) Blogging and the Fact of Other People

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[This is a guest post by Rebecca J. Hogue (@rjhogue), a multi-affiliated (aka adjunct/contingent) online lecturer (University of Massachusetts-Boston, Brock University) and avid blogger. She teaches Digital Citizenship and Instructional Design online. In addition, she works as a consultant helping to develop and produce self-published eBooks. Her research and innovation interests are in the areas of online collaboration, social media, and ePatient blogging.--JBJ]

With the push away from the LMS…


Use a Blogging Client as a Backup Method

As you may have read, author Dennis Cooper recently had his blog deleted from Google’s Blogspot platform without adequate explanation. My reaction to this story has been two-fold.

First, for anyone who has been writing online for any length of time, Cooper’s loss of several years’ worth of work is a sobering reminder that trusting your data to an online entity for safekeeping can lead to heartbreak. In situations like this, I would argue, Google needs to step up and provide not only a satisfyin…


Build Your Own Academic Community with Commons in a Box

Playground slide and laddersBefore I finished grad school, I took a month-long seminar on teaching with technology. Among other things, we talked about how to build an “interactive syllabus” using that Tool of Tools: Dreamweaver. I seem to recall the instructional design team spending  two hours talking about how to format tables correctly in order to assure we got proper alignment. Fast-forward a few years, and I almost never build a web page from scratch. Instead, I use blogs in almost all of my classes: it’s a much simp…


Jetpack Plugin for Course Websites

JetPack logoOf the perennial ProfHacker favorites, WordPress is probably neck and neck with Zotero as our most written about topic. From course blogs to department websites to ProfHacker itself, we like WordPress for just about any kind of website that you might run. In fact, other than the barest mention, I don’t think we’ve even acknowledged the existence of WordPress competitors like Blogger, Typepad, and MoveableType. WordPress really is that much better than the competition. (Jason does like About.me f…


A Better Blogging Assignment

Circle of Life

[This entry is crossposted from 2012 THATCamp CHNM, where I recently organized a session devoted to designing a better blogging assignment. This session generated many ideas, and I imagine its pedagogical goal is relevant to many ProfHacker readers. And so I welcome your thoughts and suggestions here.]

I’ve got a pedagogical problem and I want you to help me.

I’m sick of student blogging.

This confession probably sounds strange coming from me, a vocal advocate for using blogs in the classroom, …


Aggregate Your Blogging with IFTTT

George has written twice here about IFTTT, the webservice that automates conversation among various other web applications, saving you time performing (and reperforming) relatively mundane tasks. Last September George wrote about how to use IFTTT, and earlier this month he described how to use the service to archive tweets. I’ve been using the service for awhile myself, and have found a few useful recipes I wanted to share. I’ll share these recipes in several posts in the next weeks.

Today I wan…


In Lieu of Weekend Reading: SMH Edition

Sign from Occupy Ann Arbor

Ordinarily, ProfHacker doesn’t spend a lot of time chasing down nonsense on blogs, even on other blogs published at the Chronicle. As xkcd documented so long ago, that way madness lies. And especially at this time of year, who has time for it, anyway?

But sometimes, there are errors in judgment that are so massive, that so dramatically misunderstand and reinforce a self-created problem, that they have to be identified and repudiated. One of those problems happened this week at Brainstorm.

We ar…


Farewell and Thanks to Cliopatria

At the Betsey Trotwood

I’m a little bit late on this, but I didn’t want the decision, announced Tuesday by Ralph E. Luker, to shutter Cliopatria after more than 8 years to go unmourned on ProfHacker.

Cliopatria has been the home to an outsized share of terrific academic bloggers (I won’t risk listing them, for fear of inadvertent omissions). For those of us of a certain internet-age, it provided a great example of how to run an interesting group blog on academic topics.

I just wanted to publicly thank Luker and his…


Blogging, Extinction, and Sustainability

CoinsThe micropayment site Flattr is trying to get November 29 to catch on as “Pay a Blogger Day,” both as a marketing campaign* and an effort to recognize all the free content that people contribute daily to the web. I learned about it from Ernesto Priego’s fine post at HASTAC, “I Smell Smoke”: Blogging as an Endangered Species,” which argues that the ongoing difficulty of finding a place for blogging in the academic rewards system ought to serve as a reality check for more enthusiastic proponents o…


Keeping Up With Online Assignments and Grading

Busy!One of the best parts of of being a union president is that you get invited to new faculty orientation and similar events every year, so you get to meet new colleagues from all over campus. This year, at lunch, the topic of discussion at my table eventually turned toward learning management systems vs. roll-your-own assignments. New part-time faculty often have the experience of having to juggle multiple LMS platforms–one for each campus or system–every semester, which isn’t fun or efficient.