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Chalk One Up for Augmented Reality


Thus far, I have not seen any augmented reality apps that have struck me as super-useful. Sky Guide AR is pretty cool, but unfortunately I don’t get a lot of quality time with the night sky. Obviously it’s early days yet, and I expect there will be plenty of amazingly useful apps in the near future. (Wait–if realtime translation “counts” as AR, then I guess that’s definitely pretty useful.)

The first app to catch my eye in an “I will use this every week” sort of way is Vuforia’s Chalk. Chalk s…


Four Reasons I Love Teaching with Chalk

A box of colored chalks

A few weeks ago, Julie tweeted the following: “timeline tool, schmimeline tool. chalk ftw.” This post led to a conversation among a few of us, ending with Siva Vaidhyanathan requesting a ProfHacker “entry on chalk and boards.” Siva, this one’s for you! (Don’t let it ever be said that we don’t take requests here!)

Here at ProfHacker, we have frequently espoused the wonder of whiteboards. George’s first wish for his ideal classroom is whiteboards, and lots of ‘em. Amy lists a small whiteboard amo…