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Rudimentary Programming with Google Blockly

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Nearly two years ago, I wrote about Google’s App Inventor. Unfortunately, Google discontinued it in December of last year (though, happily, MIT now maintains it).

Recently, Google released Blockly, another visual programming editor. I found it pretty interesting, and it wasn’t too difficult to figure out how to use the tool itself. (Figuring out actual programming is another matter entirely, which is why I’m sure the program visually represented in this post’s lead image will look just awful to…


Become Code-Literate with Codecademy

Code tattoosIt might be the case that everyone doesn’t have to learn how to program, but I do think that, anymore, it’s the case that people should at least be familiar with the rudiments of programming, or at least scripting. Even if you’re never going to program something from scratch, it’s helpful to understand a little bit about the basic structures underpinning so much of our lives.

For people without any experience in programming, but with some curiosity and a few minutes to spare, Codecademy is a cle…