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Call for Open Peer Review: Web Writing

A sign that reads Four years ago, ProfHacker’s own Kathleen Fitzpatrick posted the text of her new book, Planned Obsolescence, online. This act kicked off a radical experiment on the part of Fitzpatrick and NYU Press, which had the book under contract, to engage in an open peer review of the text. Thanks to the CommentPress theme for WordPress, readers would be able to write in the Internet’s margins and add commentary and suggestions to individual paragraphs or chapters of Kathleen’s book. When Planned Obsolesce…


Call for Comments: Writing History in the Digital Age

Writing History in the Digital AgeIn June, Jack Dougherty and Kristen Nawrotzki posted here about the challenges and opportunities of “building a born-digital edited volume” about Writing History in the Digital Age.

I was reminded of this when I consulted my calendar: Today I am scheduled to be at Trinity College to participate in a discussion forum about the book, the process of creating it, and the intervention it might make in academic culture. Of course, I live about 20 minutes away from Hartford, and so this is very easy. …


Collaborative Writing Tools

Typing . . . collaboratively!

Jack Dougherty, a professor of educational studies at Trinity College in Hartford, has been working for the past couple of years on some fascinating collaborative writing projects. One is Writing History in the Digital Age, an open-review publication that reflects on the ways new writing technologies might change, or not, the most basic practice of historical research–writing. The other involves magic. That is, MAGIC, the Map and Geographic Information Center at UConn‘s library. Called On The …