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What’s Next For Delicious?

Hey, remember Delicious? It’s the social bookmarking web service that guest author Derek Bruff praised this time last year. Unfortunately, just a few months later, it became clear that Yahoo–which had acquired Delicious in 2005–was planning on getting rid of the service. (Mark Sample then explored a few “alternatives to Delicious.”)

Well, today we learn via the New York Times that Chad Hurley and Steve Chen–founders of YouTube, before they sold it to Google–”are trying to inject new life into De…


Alternatives to Delicious

A beautiful bookmarkLast month Yahoo announced that it would be “sunsetting” Delicious, the social bookmarking service that many ProfHacker readers use for research, teaching, and collaboration. “Sunsetting” was taken to be an industry euphemism for “killing off,” although the Delicious team announced the following day that they were “not shutting down Delicious.” Rather, Yahoo is looking for a third-party to buy Delicious, which ideally, would continue to operate without any interruption in service. The Delicious …