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Going Digital With Annual Review, Tenure & Promotion Materials

The ubiquitous tenure binder, serving as documentation of one’s academic endeavors, is gradually being replaced by digital processes that involve significantly fewer hours spent on printing and copying. If your university has recently switched over to a digital system, or if you’ve just started at an institution with a digital materials submissions process, you’re probably in a position where you’ve got a lot of papers and files sitting around in need of scanning and organizing. This was my pos…


Digital Scholarship with Scalar 2

Creating a work of digital scholarship can be daunting. Last year I published a piece called “Alice in Dataland 2.0″ (Kairos 20.1) that represented an incredible labor of mapping, organizing, and combining platforms from Twine to Construct 2 to hand-coded HTML5 and JavaScript into a fairly massive hypertext. The task is not one I’d recommend to other individuals setting out on a scholarly project, so as I think about my next work I’ve been investigating platforms that can make digital scholarsh…


Learning How to Teach History in a Digital Age

Cover of Teaching History in a Digital AgeYou only have to read a few of Mills Kelly’s posts at his blog Edwired to pick up on his overarching argument: historians should pay as careful attention to scholarship on teaching as they do to the scholarship in their fields of research. There is a growing body of “Scholarship on Teaching and Learning,” demonstrating, for example, that lecturing is the least effective method of teaching. Kelly contends that historians “have remained stubbornly ignorant of the history of teaching and learning i…


Choosing #Hashtags

It’s no secret that ProfHackers are fond of Twitter. Ryan Cordell wrote a thorough and helpful post on “How to Start Tweeting (And Why You Might Want To.” Mark Sample has offered a pedagogical framework on teaching with Twitter as well as practical advice for Twitter in the classroom. George Williams has addressed questions of inclusion with conference tweeting, and guest poster Derek Bruff has prodded us to think about encouraging a Twitter backchannel at conferences.

One of the useful features…


My personal productivity rules

[This week, GradHacker and ProfHacker writers are collaborating on a series of posts about productivity apps and systems. The 8am post every day is part of this collaboration. Today's post is by our own Natalie Houston.--@jbj]

The very term “productivity system” makes me happy — I like to think systematically in order to design solutions to problems and I enjoy learning about and creating new systems for doing things. That tendency towards systemic, big picture thinking is both a strength of m…