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Open Thread: What’s Your (Digital) Activism?

Child in front of a machine

“My silences had not protected me, your silence will not protect you” —Audre Lorde

“There’s a difference between a sort of silence of complicity and a silence of listening. I think it’s important that we differentiate and disentangle the two.” —Clint Smith on Teaching in Higher Ed podcast

“the internet gives us new ways of being political actors and activists, and they are brilliant, so long as they don’t become ends in themselves.” —Helen Beetham

I started writing this post but got influen…


Tips for Participating in #TooFEW: Feminist People of Color Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon Today, 11am-3pm EST!

toofewfeministsHave you ever been disappointed by the way Wikipedia represents certain subjects? You’re not alone. Wikipedia has been criticized for its gender gap by many sources, including the Wikimedia foundation, Rhiannon Ruff and Claire Potter.

To address this, groups across the United States are meeting today from 11am-3pm EST for a feminist Wikipedia edit-a-thon titled #tooFEW.  If you can’t find a way to physically get to one of the edit-a-thon parties, please consider jumping in virtually, editing …