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What I Like About Hypothes.is

Annotations in a book

Some of us have written on web annotation here on ProfHacker (see Lee’s post last May and the comment thread).

Whenever people have encouraged me to use Hypothes.is for web annotation, my first question had always been, “so how is it different from Diigo?” and Google didn’t seem to have an answer to that (some of us should probably do the world a favor and update the outdated wikipedia page comparing web annotation tools). I recently found a very good use for it, and started testing it, and dis…


Sharing and More with the Diigo Browser for the iPad

Icon for the Diigo Browser for the iPadLast month senior Chronicle reporter Jennifer Howard wondered on Twitter about the best way to share a link from within the built-in iPad web browser. ProfHacker‘s own Jason Jones responded that an upcoming version of iOS would include a “tweet this link” function. Then I joined the conversation by noting that the free Diigo Browser app already has this feature. And, it turns out, many others that are worth sharing on ProfHacker.

First of all, let’s talk about the sharing. From the share button …


Keeping Bookmarks and Annotations Handy with the Diigo iPad App

Diigo iPad AppIn the past few weeks I’ve been writing about various ways to interact with the social bookmarking service Diigo. Last week I highlighted Diigo’s Power Note app for Android, and before that, Diigo’s Web Highlighter annotation and bookmarking tool for the iPad.

Here’s one more tool to complete the Diigo suite: it’s Diigo for the iPad. Unlike the Web Highlighter, which is a Javascript bookmarklet you install in Safari, the iPad app is a standalone program. You can’t add bookmarks from it or create…


Diigo’s Android Power Note App

Diigo's Power Note App for AndroidTwo weeks ago I described the Diigo bookmarklet that lets you annotate websites directly within the iPad’s browser. Android users will be happy to know that Diigo also has an Android app called Power Note.

Power Note is full-featured note-taking tool for Android, similar to EverNote or Catch (formerly known as 3Banana). Like these other apps, Power Note lets you save text notes, voice recordings, and snapshots.

Where Power Note distinguishes itself is its integration with Diigo. Any notes, recor…


Alternatives to Delicious

A beautiful bookmarkLast month Yahoo announced that it would be “sunsetting” Delicious, the social bookmarking service that many ProfHacker readers use for research, teaching, and collaboration. “Sunsetting” was taken to be an industry euphemism for “killing off,” although the Delicious team announced the following day that they were “not shutting down Delicious.” Rather, Yahoo is looking for a third-party to buy Delicious, which ideally, would continue to operate without any interruption in service. The Delicious …