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Open-Thread Wednesday: After the Hurricane

If you were in the extensive path of Irma, like I was, then this week has probably changed drastically from what you imagined when you wrote this semester’s syllabus. My campus has been closed for classes since last Thursday, and won’t re-open for students until next Monday. In the great scheme of the impact of a tremendous storm like this one (or Harvey), the loss of instructional time is relatively minor, but it will present challenges for all of us faculty looking ahead to meet the learning …


From the Archives: Dealing with Disruptions

stormcloudsChances are, something won’t go exactly as planned this semester — or any semester. Disruptions occur for all kinds of reasons, whether from severe weather events, your own or a family member’s sickness, or a transportation breakdown. As I wrote in a 2010 Archives post,

…part of the ProfHacker mindset includes the old maxim “Be Prepared.” A little action now can save you a lot of time and frustration should something unexpected occur.

In case of an emergency, do you know your campus …