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Hacking an “Adjustable” Standing Desk

A makeshift "adjustable" standing deskStanding desks aren’t exactly a new topic of conversation here at Profhacker. Ryan did a series titled “Stand (in the Place Where You Work)” (see Part 1 and Part 2) and has reviewed the GeekDesk Max. The Geekdesk is pretty expensive, though, so it isn’t an option for everyone. Konrad explored a less pricey (and far more portable) alternative when he reviewed the Ninja Standing Desk, and Lincoln pointed us to directions for building your own affordable standing desk.

Many of the comments on these…


Fix Almost Anything with Sugru

An iPhone charging cord with the plastic insulation rippedLast week, I somehow put a gigantic tear in the plastic insulation on the cord that charges my phone. Against all odds, however, I was excited about the discovery. Instead of a $20-trip to an Apple Store, what this torn cord represented was the opportunity to play with one of my new favorite objects: Sugru.

What’s Sugru? According to their website, it’s a “new self-setting rubber for fixing, modifying and improving your stuff.” But if I was describing it, I’d tell you to imagine it as a clay tha…


“Hacking” Your Own “Apps”

HackThose who use smartphones regularly know that there are all kinds of apps available for doing all kinds of useful things. A large number of them are free (which can be a great thing for leaving yourself free to switch from one platform to another when your contract is up, as Ryan mentioned recently).

There are also, of course, a large number of paid apps for all the major platforms. If a paid app does what you need it to do, and does it well for what you consider to be a reasonable price, great!…


Considering DIY For the Office

Office space[This is a guest post by Anastasia Salter, Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Baltimore in the school of Information Arts and Technologies. Her academic work focuses on storytelling in new media; she also writes the Future Fragments column for Cin City. Her previous post on ProfHacker was "How to 'Gamify' Your Class Website." You can follow her on Twitter at @MsAnastasia.--@jbj]

Does your department’s office have any dead space? Something that was well-intentioned but never real…