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Action-Oriented Email for the iPhone: Boxer and Dispatch

Ajax is optimisticIn February, Ryan reviewed Mailbox, an iOS app with a fast, triage-based approach to handling email on a smartphone. Mailbox uses a nifty swipe-based approach to managing e-mail actions such as deferring, deleting/archiving, or listing e-mails, and it wasn’t hard to see that others would follow suit. And sure enough, later in the spring came Triage, pitched as “first aid for your inbox,” with a cool flick-based interface. This week, there are two new email clients for iOS–Boxer (formerly Taskbox…


Remembering More with Due and Recall for iOS

appsI will admit to a fondness for single-purpose iOS apps. I recognize that there’s a real virtue in keeping everything in text files, say, or in having one omnibus app that tracks everything in one’s life, but I have a hard time wrapping my brain around that. This morning, then, I wanted to alert folks to two new-to-me iOS apps that scratch very specific itches, Due and Recall.

Due: Reminders/Timers

There are things that I am sometimes prone to forget, but which don’t really fit into a calendar or…