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Note-taking on a Nook Color

NC notesIn a recent post, I mentioned that I’m a new Nook Color user. Among the things I wanted to use it for (besides reading, of course!) were accessing class notes, and, equally if not more importantly, taking notes of various sorts.

The stock Nook Color software lets users easily highlight passages as they read, and make notes on them. Provided the wifi is on, it will sync those notes and highlights with NookStudy or Nook software on a PC or Mac. Though they can’t easily be copied within the softwar…


Create Your Own E-Book with Open-Source Sigil

Kindle in the DarkMore and more of us are reading e-books on our Kindles, Nooks, iPads, and various other e-reader devices. Usually these are books we purchase from the big players in the e-book market or download from public domain collections such as Project Gutenberg.

But have you ever wanted to create your own e-book? Maybe it’s a Creative Commons book that only exists in HTML format. Or perhaps it’s a set of blog posts. Or maybe it’s a student’s dissertation. Or even your own research notes. How do you conve…