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Pedagogy of Imperfection

Imperfectly shaped strawberry
[This post is co-authored with Autumm Caines and Rebecca J. Hogue. Together we are the co-directors of Virtually Connecting.]

They say perfect is the enemy of done, but there may be more value to imperfection in pedagogy than just getting things done. Learning is an imperfect process and the situation is few and far between where we see someone getting it perfect the first time. Many times perfection is a self-defined construct that we ourselves cannot even precisely articulate, though we know …


Weekend Reading: Winter’s Come Early Edition

5431511948_42ebae7119_z Happy Friday, ProfHackers! We hope that where ever you are, you are staying warm as much of the United States is grappling with unseasonable cold and snow.

For your weekend reading, you might be interested in the resolution that Hachette and Amazon reached this week. The conflict began in January. Author Douglas Preston provides another perspective on the resolution in Salon.

If you’ve been online at all this week, you’ve probably seen or at least read about Paper Magazine’s attempt to “break t…


Blogging, Extinction, and Sustainability

CoinsThe micropayment site Flattr is trying to get November 29 to catch on as “Pay a Blogger Day,” both as a marketing campaign* and an effort to recognize all the free content that people contribute daily to the web. I learned about it from Ernesto Priego’s fine post at HASTAC, “I Smell Smoke”: Blogging as an Endangered Species,” which argues that the ongoing difficulty of finding a place for blogging in the academic rewards system ought to serve as a reality check for more enthusiastic proponents o…


Three Further Thoughts on Coaching and Teaching

Love the sunflower seeds in the backgroundLast spring, I drew on my experience coaching youth soccer and baseball to offer “6 things your hypothetical kid’s coach can tell you about teaching.” I’ve been thinking about that post this summer, since after the regular Little League season ended I was invited to be an assistant coach on our league’s minors tournament team. This seemed like an interesting opportunity, because it would give me a chance to work with other coaches from the league, and so I figured I would learn a bunch of new th…