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Weekend Reading: Here Comes Peter Cottontail Edition

This weekend marks the return of one of my favorite contests: The Washington Post’s annual Peeps Diorama contest. Here are the winners and finalists for 2014. Also sharing in the Peeps love, Slate asks, “What happens when you throw a Peep out an airlock?” This experiment builds on the research done by the Peeps peeps themselves, who document various scientific results on their website. If you would prefer to eat your peeps, you can find a variety of recipes online.

Tuesday, April 15 was the one…


Comment on the New DMCA Exemptions

GrumpyJust over two years ago, Kathleen wrote about the DMCA exemptions issued by the Library of Congress.

Last week, the U.S. Copyright Office published an updated rule with DMCA exemptions (it went into effect on October 28), and the changes aren’t all good. To get a quick overview of the new exemptions, I’d recommend reading this piece at ArsTechnica and this one at readwrite hack.

Some of what’s in the new rule is perfectly sensible. As Timothy B. Lee points out, ebook access for the disabled shou…


Talking About Fair Use in the Classroom

Recently at ProfHacker, in his post about intellectual property, George Williams noted “it would be in our best interest as teachers and scholars to start being more assertive about the doctrine of our Fair Use rights.” I couldn’t agree more, but as anyone who isn’t a lawyer knows, Fair Use is a complex issue. Furthermore, it’s an issue relevant not only to teachers but also to scholars at any level—and that includes first-year students who might be using copyrighted material in essays …