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Working Hours for Graduate Students

Horsehead NebulaOne thing any academic recognizes is the fact that there is always more work to be done. There’s always another article to read, another experiment to run, another set of data to code, or another archive to consult. And so this leads, reasonably enough, to some anxiety about just how much work one should be doing at any given moment.

Graduate students, especially newer ones, understandably need guidance in learning to recognize the norms and values of the academy. And so, a few weeks ago, an unn…


5 Tips for Being the Adviser Your Graduate Student Needs: From the Desk of Academic Coach Taylor

Notes from the Desk of Academic Coach Taylor

[This is a guest post by Academic Coach Taylor, the mashup of higher education and Friday Night Lights’s charming, straight-talking football coach. Find out more about Coach Taylor here, or follow on Twitter at @AcaCoachTaylor.–@jbj

You’re in your office, buried beneath ungraded tests, books to review, rough drafts of your latest article, and lengthy administrative emails. You’ve got your next conference talk or guest lecture fresh in your mind. But then we show up at your office hours, disrupt…